Product photography of Cowboy Hats.

One of our great clients, Just Country Australia, needed some cowboys hats that they distribute photographed. So they turned to our expertise at cowboy hat photography. They needed images for marketing the hats, both digital marketing photos and shots suitable for websites.

Our Brisbane advertising photographer did the cowboy hat photos on-site at the offices. The images had to be matched to previous images that had been photographed before by a different photographer. This proved more challenging than imagined. The previous images weren't consistant in either lighting or positioning.

We had to find a happy medium that fitted well with the previous photography. Our lighting was superior to the previous photos, the colours are correct and the lighting more even, but still leaving enough of the texture so the end customer can see the finer details. Being a Product photographer is an art.

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Cowboy Hat Photography Brisbane

All photography by Photographer Brisbane Northside

Commercial photos of Cowboy Hats.

deep etched images of cowboy hats.

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