Product photography of ugg boots.

Being experts in shoe photogrphy is was only a matter of time before we had to photograph those iconic Australia shoes, ugg boots.

They're a little trickier than normal shoes to photograph. This is because of the fur lining that sticks out around the top of the shoes and boots. When doing advertising photography for clients we always like the resulting photos to be as perfect as perfect can be.

The fur requires different lighting so it's a balancing act to light for shape for the shoes and texture for the fur. Normally when we do product photography of shoes we primarily light for shape, because that's usually the most important thing. But with ugg boots it's a balancing act.

The final images were used in various marketing material. While here at our Photographer Brisbane website check out our pool heater photography

Ugg Boot Photography Brisbane

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Product photos of ugg boots.

deep etched images of ugg boots.

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