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If you are a school or school uniform supplier why not get a quote for high resolution shot fo your schools uniforms. Our Clothing Photographer can produce superb images for your marketing, both print or for electronic website stores.

We can photograph all the different type of piece from your schools range of clothing and accessories. We can photograph everything jackets, shirts, badges, hats and anything else you provide for school students.

We are one of the best providers of invisible mannequin photography in South East Queensland. Removing the mannequin gives a great clean image that really shows off the details, making your uniforms look slick and professional.

If you are outside of the Brisbane area we can still help you out with your private or public schools photography requirements. Find out how supremely affordable our photograpic services are today by getting in touch for a quote..

Professional Photographer.

the best Photographers you can ask for.

Exquisite uniform images.

Contact us for a quote and find out how good our product photography is. We'd love to help you out.

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