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It's well know in this modern world that quality professional portraits help to make a great first impression. We recently did some portraits for the wonderful staff at Australian Pacific Coal Group for their marketing department.

What makes a great portrait.

To make a great portrait you have to have a plan so that the images come out looking the way you want. This is created in two main areas.

Firstly you need a great pose that conveys openess and competency. We typically make sure that the subject isn't too square on to the camera, it comes across as quite agressive if the subject is standing straight on. A nice angle is what's required for the body positioning. Head position is another important aspect to getting the right shot. We give strong direction as to how to stand and where to look. This makes it easier on the subject, especially if they are unused to have their portrait taken. Professional Photography always come out better if the photographer takes control of all aspects of the photography.

The second part of getting a great professional portait is the technical side of photography. The lighting and camera settings. We use a punchy combination of soft light for the main light and a second hard light for a rim light to create a vibrant look. The variety of lighting make the image more interesting to the viewer.

Our photographer usually does corporate portraits on location at the office of our clients. a board room or other meeting room is ideal. White walls are a bunus, but if you don't have white walls don't worry we can provide a backdrop.

The final part happens at our office. That's where we work a bit of magic in photoshop. Giving the images a clean up, removing any skin blemishes and creating a colour profile that make skin tones look great. We can shoot at your Photographer Brisbane CBD offices.

Professional Portraits Photography

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