Invisible mannequin Photography

If you need clothing photography in Brisbane done, get our invisible mannequin photographer to do it. We can photograph your clothes on a mannequin and then remove the mannequin in photoshop replacing the fill sections. Invisible mannequin photography is one of if not the best way to shoot clothing.

The results are a very clean image of the clothing that let the customer see what it would look like on. Because you're not using a model the focus remains clearly on the product itself.

Invisibly mannequin photos are one of our most popular product photographer Brisbane services. The final images have many uses, in catalogues, for websites and webstores and for any other type of marketing that you may need

Our photos speak for themselves, they are detailed, colour correct and beautifully lit. The clothes alway hang naturally and look just as they will on the final customer. When you're selling clothing invisible mannequin photography helps to minimise your return rates. Let us help you out with your photos and get our advertising photographer in Brisbane to do you next lot of photos.

Photos with mannequins removed.

Invisible Mannequin photography is a part of what we do at Photographer Brisbane.

Sharp focus.

Why not contact us and find out how affordable our photographers images are. We'd love to help you out.

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