Lawyers Headshots Brisbane

When Baker McKenzie need lawyer headshots done they call our photographer. Due to the busy nature of Lawyers work, we do all the photography for Baker McKenzie on-site. This allows for the photographs to be done with little to no disruption to the work of the client.

For our Lawyers headshots we usually supply them on plain white backgrounds, but we can do other types of backgrounds. As you can see from the photos on this page, backgrounds of a blurred city or office make for a really good look for websites. We still use professional lighting for these types of images so the Laywers looks smart and professional.

When photographing Lawyers portraits in Brisbane or other cities we always make sure that the posing is just right. We understand the importance of getting this aspect of the headshot just right so that the subject looks honest and trustworthy. Two trates that are so important in the industry.

If you are in need of Headshots for Laywers call us or send us an email and find out how easy it is to get you professional staff photographed in a efficient and timely manner.

Lawyers Portraits Brisbane

Photography by Photographer Brisbane Michael Leadbetter

Fantastic Lawyers photography.

Contact our photographer . We'd love to help you get the photos of your staff. .

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