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Brisbane camping and kayak specialist Adventure Shack called on our photographer when they needed surfboard photographs for their website. They had these awesome new stand up paddle boards that needed photographing on-site due to the large size of the boards themself. They had tried to do the photography themselves but the high gloss reflective finish made it had to get a great looking photo.

Sometimes you're able to do the photography yourself. But sometimes you just need to get in a professional photographer who knows how to get the best out of tricky surfaces. We have all the gear required to control all kinds of light. This allows us to make sure the reflections and the like don't ruin the photos we do of surfboards with shiny finishes.

The Surfboard photos were done in the warehouse at Adventure Shack. It was a reasonably dark space so there wasn't too much natural light to deal with. We just set up our lights and did the photos. The whole shoot was over pretty quickly. It only took around an hour.

If you need Photography of surfboards or stand up paddle boards doen get in touch with our Brisbane photographer and get a quote. We really are the most affordable commercial photographers in South East Queensland.

Detailed product photography of surfboards

Photography by Photographers Brisbane Michael Leadbetter

Experts in Surfboard photography.

Contact our photographer. We'd love to help you get the photos of your boards. .

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