Photos of stunning crystal filled water bottles.

Some jobs are super fun. Longemity wanted to get their fabulous crystal filled water bottles photographed. They searched the internet for "water bottle photographer" and luckily they found us. We were pretty excited to do their photography for them. It's always fun to shoot really beautiful things and their range of high end water bottles certainly fill that bill.

The photography was done in our studio. Shooting transparent glass is a highly technical job that needs to be done in a highly controlled enviroment. This type of work is not suitable to be done on-site like most photography can be. We built a small set around the bottles and did the photography over a few hours. We wanted to do a really good job for the client to show the stunning clarity of their water bottles.

We made sure that the glass looked very clear in the middle but had highly defined edges. To make what is a difficult job even more difficult the bottles had a glass internal wall filled with crystals. So we had to make sure there was enough light to make these stand out.

The client was happy with the results. We throughly enjoyed doing the water bottle photos for them. If you'd like a bottle check out their website.

Water Bottle Photography

Brilliant photos by Brisbane Photographer Michael Leadbetter

Photos for businesses in South East Queensland.

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