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When a yoga mat photography job came our way we jumped at the opportunity. The product looked great with nice printed designs instead of the usual fluro rubber mat. If I did yoga I’d want one of these stylish mats. The yoga mats were super soft as well, with a wonderfully soft top surface.

When it came to doing the yoga mat photos, that same beautifully soft surface became the problem. It’s amazing how sometimes simple things can turn out to be the trickiest. In this case the top surface of the mat has lots of tiny fibres. These give it that soft velvety feel. So photographing the yoga mats they behaved more like photographing velvet or a similar fabric. The problem is that you have to get all the tiny hairs running the same direction or the colour changes when it’s running a different way.

Our high standards meant no cutting of corners. Just endless brushing of the surface to get it looking as perfect as possible. On the long mat shots it took around 15 minutes per mat to get it looking really good. The photography itself wasn’t to hard, there’s not a lot of shape to a yoga mat so a basic flat lighting setup worked well. But the product preparation was the killer time wise.

The final product photography of the yoga mats came out looking really good.

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Product photos of yoga mats.

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