Photos of beautiful mens watches.

We've got a bit of a thing for watches. They're the most favoured piece of mens jewellery. When Angus Bergamo Watches called we got super excited.

Watch photography is super technical. Tiny little shiny things that need to look perfect. Add to that the difficulty of the high shine surfaces and you know this is a job for a professional product photographer.

We used our Profoto lighting setup with a little set built especially for the watches. Our watch photographer took his time to get the watches perfectly set up. A few mm and they look quite different. There's a lot of marking out so the positioning or the watches is just right.

The result of our watch photography is super clean images that make the product look every bit as beautiful in the photo as in real life.

We were able to deliver our Watch photography for a very reasonable cost to the client. If you have watches that need photographing give us a call or email us for a quote

Watch Photography

Brilliant photos by Photographer Michael Leadbetter

Photos of watches for Australian businesses.

Contact our Product Photographer. We'd like to quote for your next photographic job.

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