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Photographs of shoes suitble for school.

Ascent Footwear needed expert product photography done for their shoe range so they gave us a call. Due to the large number of shoes they had, we decided to do the photography on-site at their offices here in Brisbane. The two main advantages of this were that they didn't have to pick and pack a couple of hundred pairs of shoes to send out to a photographic studio. The other advantage is they could check out lighting setups so they got the school shoe photographs looking exactly the way they wanted.

Black shoes may look easy to photograph, but they are trickier than they look. Leather is a suprisingly shiny fabric and as with any shiny surface it's vitally important to balance the contrast. We made sure that the lighting bought out the shape of the shoes. This entailed getting the lighting so the shinier shoes reflected more light than the matt shoes. This delicate balancing act ensures that customers looking at the images in a webstore can see the various shine levels that the school shoes have applied during manufacture.

Our School Shoe Photographer also deep etched the resulting files so they ere redy to use on delivery. We also did the resizing to the dimensions provided by the client. If you have school shoes photos that need doing contact us for a quote. Find out how our product photography services stand head and shoulders above the competitions.

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