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Photography of leather jackets for a website

Brisbane leather jacket photography is one of our services. We can do affordable product photography of jackets for businesses in South East Queensland. For this client we did the leather jackets in our superb ghost mannequin style. The images came out looking fantastic. We did them on a white background so they would stand out. It gives a super clean result that looks professional and clean.

Photographing leather jackets is a little different from other clothing photography. Where most clothing we photograph with quite a directional light, with leather jackets the lighting has to be much softer. This is because of the nature of leather. Most people think of leather as a matt fabric. This thinking is incorrect. Leather is highly reflective with quite a strong shine. If our photographer used a direct lighting source the photos would have way too much sheen. The colour would come out closer to white than to black, Using our skills we balanced the light and found the happy medium in the middle. That sweet spot where the leather has a nice amount of shine but it’s not overpowering the final image.

The leather jackets we were delivered to photograph were made by Winston Wolfe. They are a Brisbane leather company. The jacket were of a great quality which made our job easier. Fortunately they were ladies jackets otherwise we might have had to buy one for the cooler moths here in Queensland. If you are after a leather jacket I can recommend trying them out their product is wonderful. Here's a link to their website Winston Wolfe Leather.

Brisbane Leather Jacket Photographer

All pictures by our Brisbane Commercial Photographer

Commercial photos of leather jackets.

Photos for Winston Wolfe

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