Product photography of Kids Clothing.

There are a number of ways to photograph clothing for catalogues ands websites. The best way to do product photography of kids clothing is to do flat lays. Flat lays are a simple a cost effective way to show the garments off in a positive light.

Kids clothing varies in style a fit much more than adult clothing. Differing kids clothing brands aim their clothes at different age groups. This means it's hard to get a good fit on mannequins. Flat lays are an obvious choice when mannequin photography doesn't work.

When we photograph flat lay kids clothing we set up our profoto lighting to get a very even and flat lighting. It's important not to have angled light going across the surface of the garments. Light at angle is good for bringing out texture but with flay lay kids photos we want as smooth a finish as is possible.

After doing the photography with our high end cameras, we also do the photoshop work. This involves clipping the backgrounds, evening up the clothing and fixing any spots or other marks on the surface of the kids clothing pictures. We deliver ready to use images to the client quickly so they can use then straight away.

Flat Lay Kids Clothes Photography Brisbane

Photography by Michael Leadbetter

Fantastic photos for Queensland clients.

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