Photos of Automotive Products.

Our services were called upon by Supergroup to do some automotive product photography for them. They had a bunch of SPC branded oils that they needed photographing for catalogue and website use.

The shipped us the packaged oils and we let our automotive product photographer go to work creating the final images. It was a straight forward job, nothing particularly technical was required. There were parts of the bottle that needed some lighting control to bring out the shape. The labels were a little tricky to light because they had some reflective shiny printed elements. We were able to optimise the light so both the shape and the labels showed up beautifully in the final images.

Turnaround was in 48 hours as is usual for us. If you've got some automotive products that need photographing get us to give you a quote.

Automotive Product Photography

Photos by Brisbane Photographers Michael Leadbetter

Photos for businesses in Australia.

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